A·B·D Quick Reference


The system dashboard is the first page that opens after a user logon. This page includes content customized for the user to provide an overview of system activity and status. The page includes menus and links to efficiently navigate and perform tasks.

The dashboard shows system messages, user and group messages, news feeds (subscriptions to home pages), calendar, work flows and user’s work in progress (WIP) and status of active courses.

The WIP area is associated with work flow. It displays a list of items for flows you initiated with status and flows you have actions pending to complete. In addition, flows of your own individual work that can be activated to reopen work that was previously saved and marked as a WIP. The WIP feature allows work on multiple tasks by implementing a “hibernate” function for documents that were open.

A list of active courses is displayed with related status of new assignments, work due now and notices. Clicking on the course opens the course home page.